(Copied from the changelog file;
!: note, x: bugfix, X: serious bug (from a technical pov), -: change/addition)
441101 | x travel pathfinding greatly improved by a simple bugfix
       | x count last move into move count when it causes immediate death
       | - use rounding in computing perceptions values
       | x typo fix & change the misleading expressions about irc rulership
       | - changed rules of gaining wits from booklet perusal
       | - reflect item condition change in 441011 in booklet restoration
       | - minor optimization-like fiddling; side-effects:
       | - don't msg about items etc. when stepping on the endgame trigger
441449 | x academy payments got broken in previous "optimization"
       | x prev. "optimization" also broke abattoirs a bit
       | x various received but dropped items didn't go to L&F (since 441011)
       | - NF now affects whiz shoppe item prefix/suffix likelihoods
       | x NF didn't properly adjust a normal 50/50 chance
       | - adjust trollen st. xp factor effect
       | - checking spellbook (no cast) w/ flash m. now takes no time
       | x Parchment resisting msg wasn't always printed properly
       | - glaring strong foes with Whz==0 no longer works
       | x lc 'the' in the msg about the glare having no effect
       | - the Finger & the glare now auto-aim hostile targets
       | x Find W. now correctly reports on 0 sps on casters
       | - single suitable adjacent/self target is now auto-picked
       | x attack checks for orni/selft. didn't work w/ missiles
       | x switching places w/ hostiles was allowed by accident (from 441011)
       | x hitting invisibles got broken again in 441011
       | - minor adjustment in panic bonus criteria
       | - successful RFND now causes hesitation in other nearby hostiles
       | - test for RFND loss on a couple more interruption situations
       | x blindness wearing off can now interrupt tasks (esp. waiting...)
       | - still more (minor, this time) tweaking of boredom mechanics
       | X a hang was possible upon entering Motley
       | - most types of bread are now susceptible to water
       | - permantium items can no longer become infected
       | - "strange" is no longer considered an enchantment
       | - minor adjustments in endgame-related manicity limits
       | x igloo accomplishment printing was again broken in 441011
       | - cosmetic changes in textual data
       | - optimization / code reorganization