(Copied from the changelog file;
!: note, x: bugfix, X: serious bug (from a technical pov), -: change/addition)
449299 | - reduce chance of R.Light caster getting blinded
       | x unawares got furious about postglory
       | x losing RFND by using certain abilities didn't always update statusbar
       | X possible /0 in woe dmg with low Sol
       | - randomize xp for stat tests (reduces exploitability esp. w/ smallt.)
       | - PC now calms down after finishing any time-taking chore
       | - always use full item name when an item is reported lost
       | - kills in eulogies are no longer in alphabetical order
       | - exit status on corrupt save file is now nonzero
       | - change behavior when ~/.roguemare/ not found (use the path anyhow)
       | - minor optimization/refactoring
       | - cosmetic changes in textual data
451313 | ! item&seer-related inconsistencies w/ prev. v. saved games possible
       | X a possible memory leak w/ "overwritten" services
       | x reworked how boredom is fought (fixes a visual bug when game slow)
       | X bad free call in actor freeup
       | - drop some msgs from being recorded in the msg buffer ('?')
       | x a couple instances where the view didn't update properly
       | x display bug upon finding the edge
       | X PC could still/again blink over the edge??
       | - NPCs no longer cast R.Light over the edge
       | - disallow P. Space over the edge
       | x statusbar didn't update immediately after casting MFoD
       | x don't msg about unbread if blind
       | - msg about lawyers _after_ change
       | - innovating w/ proprietary materials now calls lawyers
       | - sacks (& their contents) are no longer innovation material
       | - some acts of faith can now grant RFND
       | x alchemy sometimes had strange results; other related changes
       | - there are now 'proprietary' food&drink
       | - as well as 'fake' edibles that aren't really edibles
       | - minor changes in item properties
       | x permantium items in storages got infected (missed in 441449)
       | - improve juggling interface (check for item @ feet)
       | x msg about ending juggling was missed in 'i'nventory
       | - Bloch & System Ds can now pick up items randomly
       | x Bloch spoke in the wrong color
       | X checks related to Bloch quest & becoming irc king could segfault
       | x make some casino & training gr. walls diggable (Bl. quest?)
       | - casino winning excitement now goes down with inflation
       | x seer "alignment" (from 435437) was seriously bugged
       | X a hang condition was recently introduced in endgame
       | X move count dropped if travel got immediately interrupted
       | x cosmetic changes in textual data, 1 typo
       | - minor city map mods
       | - minor optimizory tweaks; side effects:
       | - modify shop, casino & home inventory msging
       | - infection may not immediately change stat boni (explain bugs away!)
       | - revamp how drenching items works
       | - adjusted xp rewards for various accomplishments
       | - companion catch check now precedes "greedy snatch" check
       | - immobile foes might open an adjacent door in panic
       | - same msg for poison & eternal suff. dmg
       | - msging slightly changed when casting R.Light over the edge
       | - many, many small likelihood tweaks